I received excellent service from Nick Hammernik. He was prompt, courteous, and explained the tax forms well. I especially appreciated the time he took to contact my financial advisor. I have already received my tax refund – could not ask for anything better!

Katie Couture

Dale Hammernik has been a trusted and valuable source of information for me since starting my business in 2007. I turn to Dale for answers on everything from taxes any payroll, to general business questions. His insight and wisdom have gotten me through some tough times and saved me a lot of money!

Kevin Burke

Owner of Greiten's Automotive

If it wasn't for Hammernik & Associates, we might not be in business today. Shortly after we started, we were told we owed a huge tax payment which would have crippled the business. Hammernik came in and found that instead we were owed money, which allowed us to survive, to grow and to prosper. They always give solid, straightforward business and financial advice and have freed up my time and attention to concentrate on building my business.

Gregg Pawelski

Owner of Playtime Doggy Daycare

I was told a few weeks ago that I owed close to $1,300 in taxes. Well, I just saved a bunnnnnchh of money by going to Mr. Nick Hammernik!

Julia Bratel

I went to Hammernik & Associates with a couple tax questions. After reviewing my taxes for free they amended a previous years taxes, saving me a $1,000. I was so pleased with their services I moved my business' taxes to them!

Ben Meyers

While nobody loves going to have their taxes done, the professionals at Hammernik & Associates make it a little less painful. They are friendly and very knowledgeable, so you can rest assured that your taxes are done correctly and in a timely manner. I would never go anywhere else and I highly recommend Hammernik & Associates!

Diane Henschke

I've been working with Hammernik & Associates for several years now and they continue to do an excellent job for me. They handle both my personal and business tax filings. I like to know what is happening and why and they take the time I need to help me fully understand everything. It's a great feeling having someone whom you trust to do an outstanding job. Thank you Dale, Nick and the team!”

Ben Palmer

We felt the whole experience was top notch and the services performed were beyond our expectations. I would refer all our friends and business acquaintances to Hammernik & Associates

Jeff Abraham